If you love someone pray for them – MS & OW

Sunday, July 16th, 2018 Rome Italy 🇮🇹


Often , if not daily when he was sober he would get down on his knees before bed and upon waking up and pray .

The way “a good catholic” is taught to pray.  

One day I asked … ” what do you pray for?” Missing the concept of prayer and that it’s not for, it’s the point . 

He looked at me and with the sweetest eyes and said ” a lot of the time ,I pray for you …”.

As I take a break from my vacation and enjoy the day with a good book . Michael Singer said to Oprah in a interview ” if you love someone pray for them “.  

When he and I met we would attend church tg Sunday morning. Some days before or some days after the gym . 

It was never a issue if we were dressed up or in sweaty gym cloths . BC if there really is a God , we would always tell each other that he didn’t care what we wore to church . Just that we went . 

In a City like Rome with such strict dress for the churches and museums… I’m a little confused.

Over time as he and I turned into the ruins I’ve see here in Rome . We stopped attending tg , if at all . He got on his knees and said his prayers less and less . 

Did this mean he loved me less?

Now he’s dead and gone && has been since 2015 ☹️