Travel Away

Recently my @away Luggage arrived for my upcoming summer travels.  I have to say, YES!  The @away products, pieces, quality, and customer service are all they are hyped up to be.

I was so impressed and taken back by everything from the message and “goodies” in the shipping box the luggage shipped in, the travel items/luggage itself, and their customer service department.

I have been thinking of making these travel plans and treating myself to the @away luggage for months if not longer.

As soon as I opened the box there was a printing on the inside that read in bold black ink, that validated my choices and brought me to a speechless moment.

I opened the box and the inside read “Now, the world is open.  You can go anywhere.  See everything.  Go off the grid and out of your comfort zone, or back to your roots.  We’ll be with you every step of the way.  So get out there.  And Stay Open.”

DEEP.  I had to sit there and let that sink in.  It is so amazing that the same day I decided to add to my travel plans the luggage arrived.  With such an inspiring message no less. The box assured me I’m on the right path.  With the best luggage and travel essential pieces to be on to the next fast, chic and fully confident with my luggage.

I think some people don’t understand the value and perhaps underlying meaning of one’s travel gear.  This luggage not only has all the essentials, is pack and carry on friendly, but it’s quality and what it represents (for me at least) is so inspiring and amazing.

Traveling with the just the essentials (I’m not good at traveling “lite”), being organized and knowing that I fully entrust the luggage that will be holding my life while I #travelaway (dramatic) is a very comforting feeling.  I’ve never been one to travel lite, this luggage system has helped me travel light and not feel like I’m sacrificing anything to pack lite.

There was a tiny “Passport” booklet that outlines how to get the most efficient use out of the pieces. It starts …..BEFORE YOU GO -Get to know your bag inside and out…..  I see a deeper meaning there, but I’m going to stick to how I spent hours getting to know the contents, compartments, pieces of the bag and its packaging. To ensure I get the most efficient use of it all the places I plan to go.  I was so impressed with how specially created the pieces and manuals were designed and structured.

I’m all about efficiency, whos not? All the compartments and little extras like my laptop side pouch and device charger will certainly make my traveling much more efficient.

What moved me the most was the last page it read “WHEN YOU GET HOME – Give your luggage a good life-it’ll return the favor.”  I love that!  It really hit home for me. They (whoever “They” are ) say “…everyone comes with baggage, find someone who loves you enough to unpack…” -Old Wives Tale

I was recently reading about how a home is a feeling or a person, not always a place.  Home can be luggage too really.  Home is going to be where I make it after this extended trip with my new @away pieces.   Like the box said ONE FOR THE ROAD.

I wonder where my road will lead me, aside from my scheduled travels.  With my essentials and the ability to swiftly move on to the next destination with such an empowered feeling of having the best luggage designed to keep everything organized for me, stable and even charge my devices.  I know that I can now easily pack and be off to my next destination quickly, now and forever with the @away lifetime warranty!


it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

-Ibn Batttuta  AWAY HERE ISSUE 4 Back cover quote

I wonder what story’s this luggage and its pieces will give me to tell, but I can’t wait to explore and find out and like the “Passport” says when I get “home”. I’ll make sure to give my @away pieces a good one, as they gave me during my travels.